Cleaning Jobs & Careers in Lincoln & Lincolnshire

As a constantly growing company we are always looking for cleaners in Lincoln & Lincolnshire. At present we are primarily looking for self employed cleaners for our books who will fill many different roles and positions with a view to making you a more permanent member of the Linclean team!

We truly believe in looking after all of our cleaning operatives, we achieve this by paying some of the most competitive rates of pay, being as accommodating as possible and always listening to input and feedback.

Linclean are looking for cleaners who are passionate about cleaning, who want to further their careers in the industry, who want to learn and grow and who want to be part of our family.

If you think that this is you and you would like to register your interest with us for future job and career opportunities then we want to hear from you.

The application process is very simple, to begin fill in the form on this page and you’ll hear from us shortly.

Once the self employed cleaner application is processed we will then put you on our database and when we have work that you may be interested in we will contact you with plenty of notice, allowing you to decide if you want to carry out the project.

What cleaners & specialists are we looking for?

Why work with us?

Cost Effective

Competitive Rates Of Pay

We offer some of the most competitive rates of pay for cleaners and technicians in Lincolnshire.

Self Employed Clearance Jobs

We listen & care

Many companies claim they care about your input and feedback, we actually do. Without your hard work we wouldn't be successful.


Flexible & Accomodating

We try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible to suit your needs as well as ours.

Self Employed Cleaning Jobs

Rewards & Bonuses

On some of our projects we are in a position to offer special pay structures and bonuses based on progress and performance.

Cleaning Careers Work For Us Lincoln

Training & Development

For those of you that stick with us we constantly offer opportunities for funded training and qualifications.

Cleaning Jobs Lincoln

Team work

We truly believe in team work and always try to help each other where possible, if you're struggling help will be available.

Team Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours do you have available?

As we are only looking for self employed cleaners at present, there are no permanent hours. We are however flexible and understand that people have commitments to consider. We always give you plenty of notice should we have some work available for you, allowing you to decide if you want to attend.

What is the rate of pay?

Our rates of pay start from a minimum of £10.00 per hour. Higher rates are offered depending on the complexity of the project, the type of cleaning or clearance work and your qualifications or role you will be fulfilling.

We often offer bonuses on our projects and if available these will be discussed with your prior to you carrying out any works. 

What qualifications do I need?

No qualifications are needed, that being said we are always more interested to hear from self employed cleaners that have a driving license, CSCS card and other qualifications. These are however not mandatory.

What kind of cleaning work will I be doing?

The beauty of working with our company is there are many different types of work you could be carrying out. Again we are flexible so if something isn't right for you then we can look for alternative projects you can get involved with. 

Some of the types of cleaning you may carry out include but are not limited too: 

End of tenancy cleaning
Office cleaning
Carpet cleaning
School Cleaning
Student Accommodation
Specialist cleaning such as biohazard, forensic, environmental
Oven cleaning

Do you have other work available, other than cleaning?

Yes from time to time there may be self employed roles available for projects such as:

House Clearance
Pressure Washing
Roof Cleaning
Waste Clearance


How and when will I get paid?

We will require you to invoice us the hours you have worked, you will then be paid into your bank account every other Friday.